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The Road Safety Officers Wives Association (ROSOWA) is an Association which comprises of all women married to Officers of Federal Road safety Commission (FRSC) in Nigeria. Federal Road Safety Commission is a Federal Government Agency charged with the responsibility of maintaining safety on Nigerian roads. All women married to male Officers, are therefore, automatic members of the Association. The Objectives of the association are:

  • Promoting unity amongst members of the Association and the general public by being our sisters’ keepers, irrespective of religion, tribe, especially in time of need and sorrow.
  • Assisting in self help cooperative projects such as cooperative ventures, loan scheme (pay as you can) and establishment od Day Care Centres.
  • Enhancing welfare activities like Home Management, Vocational Training and health Care.
  • Carrying out philanthropic activities such as visiting and donating to Motherless Babies Homes, Remand Homes, Prisons, the less privileged, Hospitals and disabled persons.

Membership of the Association shall be any woman married to an Officer in the service of the Federal Road Safety Commission. Any woman Officer married to an Officer in the service of the Commission shall not be eligible to be a member of the Association.


The Road Safety Club (RSC) is an arm of the Federal Road Safety Commission which derives its functional powers from the FRSC Establishment Act 2007 with the following responsibilities among others. The roles and responsibilities of RSC include.

  • Educating motorist and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highways
  • Controlling traffic on the highways
  • Recommending measures, works and devices designed to eliminate or minimize crashes on the highways
  • Organizing Quiz and debates on Road safety-related issues among schools.

National Youth Service Corps Road Safety Club [NYSC (RSC)] is a Community Development programme for Corps members during their one year service and a partnership between the FRSC and NYSC. Over the years, corpers have participated, contributed and developed a passion for promoting road safety ideals. Many have gone on to become Special Marshals or joined the Commission as regular marshals.


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