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The mission of Safe Road in Nigeria is to reduce road crash deaths and injuries by 50% by 2020.  Safe Road in Nigeria is a response to United Nation’s Decade of Action for Road Safety. It is one of the initiatives of Federal Road Safety Commission of Nigeria to promote safety on our roads. For more information, visit www.decadeofaction.org

Fact 1: Road crashes kill more than HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Fact 2: There’s someone you know who has been killed or injured in a crash.

Fact 3: People are killed or injured in road crashes everyday.

Fact 4: ALL road crashes can be prevented.

Fact 5: Most crashes are caused by the driver’s behaviour and not always as a result of bad roads.

Fact 6: The Idea of a “Safe Road” in Nigeria is more of changing our driving behaviour than advocating for good road infrastructure.

Fact 7: We can reduce deaths and injuries due to crashes by 50% if we make a commitment to: not drink and drive, not over speed, wear seat belts and helmets, not use phone or eat while driving, obey traffic rules and tell people about Safe Road Nigeria


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