Efficient transportation remains a critical factor to the economic and social prosperity of any Nation. It is in this regard that articulating an all inclusive, people oriented and sustainable modes of transportation becomes imperative.

The desire to respond to the ever increasing transportation and traffic bottlenecks in Nigerian cities and the need to rise up to the challenges of increasing cost of transportation to families, environmental pollution, and health problems resulting from lack of exercise informs the need to include Bicycle transportation as part of existing modes of movement.

In addition, an efficient and planned bicycle transportation system will have positive impact on national vehicle usage and by implication, Road Traffic Crashes and even National fuel consumption.

The Federal Road Safety Corps Establishment Act 2007 empowers the Corps to undertake research into Causes of Road Traffic Crashes and ways of preventing them and putting into use the results of such research, a result of one of such research indicated that a reduction in number of urban motor vehicle usage will lead to reduction in road crashes and by implication attendant deaths, injuries and other damages.

The world over, there is an ongoing global drive to drift from motorised modes of transportation to non motorised means of movement especially in urban centres. More importantly, introducing planned bicycle transportation system in Nigerian cities conform to Nigeria’s Vision 2020 on Road Traffic Crashes which seeks to place Nigeria among the first twenty (20) nations in the global safest roads ranking from its present 91st position,  a study conducted by the Corps indicated that virtually all the 20 nations presently in the global safest roads ranking have successful, planned bicycle transportation.

It is therefore a wakeup Call to all Nigerians to partner with FRSC and the National Stakeholders Forum on Bicycle Transportation set up for this all important purpose in our collective quest to get Nigerians riding in pleasure along our streets and roads without concern of being trapped in traffic, fuelling and getting places to park their cars or even worry about wasting time and money to get to the gym as they will be exercising daily while making their trip.


Maiden National Bicycle Week 2013


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